About Me

About ME, Face, Mask, Closed Eyes

Hello, fellow animal lovers! 

My name is KiKi.  What do you need to know About Me?  I am a married woman in my 40’s with a love of cats and dogs.  I recently took early retirement from my full-time Corporate job and began work as a Veterinary Assistant at our local Emergency Animal Hospital.  It’s my first real step to breaking into the animal industry.  Prior to this, all my experience was in volunteering and fostering for a shelter or rescue.


I took online classes while working full-time at my Corporate Job in order to receive my Veterinary Assistance certificate in June 2018.  I plan to continue classes towards a Vet Tech degree after I learn the ropes at my new place of employment and once my college officially approves my employer to assist with my hands-on schooling.  This will be my 2nd degree as I already hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering.

Love of Cats…

My love of animals started at an early age.  Cats were my favorite, however, I didn’t know a single person that owned a cat.  My exposure was in stray cats that frequented my neighbor’s porch to eat.  Cats terrified my mother.  But when her begging 5-year old only baby girl cried for the tiny kitten, abandoned by its mother, my mother gave in.  My first kitten, rescued from under a shed, became my little baby.  I named her Frisky after one of the stuff animals I gave her to snuggle with so she wasn’t alone.

Present Day

At present, we own five cats, two dogs and a bunch of fish.   I call them my zoo.  But there could be any number of additional animals in the house.  I foster cats/kittens for the local animal shelter.  Recently, I changed from dog sitting within my own home to dog walking and drop by visits so as not to stress out my animals and the remaining people in my house.

Cat Experience

I know a good deal about cats/kittens, but I would not be any means say that I’m an expert.  I’m been fostering for the last nine years.  My desire to help these animals started my pursuit of becoming a Vet Tech.  Hopefully, my funny stories and sad outcomes that I have experienced can provide insight into anything that you, yourself are going through.

But one thing to note – This website does not provide advice specific to your sick cat/dog.  Only a Veterinarian can diagnose and treat a sick animal.  Taking them to the vet is your best course of action.  This website is to acknowledge the hardships of our pets, celebrate their lives, educate others on the knowledge that I have gained, tips that may help you at times and amuse you with stories of my pets and other 4-legged animals I run into.  Use my advice at your own risk.  My experiences worked for me, but that does not mean the situation is exactly the same.

Dog Experience

While I have always loved dogs, I did not want to own a dog because they seemed like a lot of work.  That being said, I love my two Australian Shepherds AND they are a lot of work!  I started dog sitting in order to learn more about different dog personalities and breeds.  Dogs are so different than cats!  I want my communication with dog people to expand MY horizons about dogs.

Other Stuff

Besides animals, I am interested in photography, reading and spending time with my husband.

As a note – While I fully support rescues and shelters in their attempts to place abandoned/stray and neglected dogs and cats, I am studying to be a Vet Tech and will not allow bashing or criticism of reputable breeders on my site.  All kinds of dogs and cats come into a Vet Hospital.  My personal opinion of owners is not relevant to this website.  Please refrain from negative comments in regards to breeders or how an animal was treated.  Constructive criticism if done in a decent and non-argumentative way will be allowed otherwise rude and insensitive comments will be removed.  Thank you all!

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