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Dilute Tortie Cat staring @ pill bottles

Tips to Pill your Cat

Cats tend to be a bit more stubborn than dogs, about taking pills.  Dogs take any pill easily if hidden in a pill pocket, cheese or a spoonful of the all popular peanut butter.  If given the same way as...

Russain Blue cat sitting for lit candles on birthday cake

7 Ways to Celebrate your Pet’s Birthday

April in my household is birthday month.  Four of my seven pets have birthdays in April.  Also, many of my human family members are born in April.  Celebrations are endless.  It’s a relief when April is finally over.  Find out...

Orange & White tabby cat cryng in the bathtub soaking wet

Tips to Bathe your Cat Successfully!

I want to share a few tips to bathe your cat.  Cats have a reputation for hating everything involved with water!  This is true of most cats, however, you may have one of the few that loves water and plays...

Featured Image on how to live with cats if you are allergic

How to Live with Cats even if you are Allergic!

If you love animals and require them to be in your life, I can tell you how you can live with cats and still be able to breathe.  Obviously, I’m not a doctor and let me be clear that the...

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