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Iceland scene with Horse on the inset

Iceland’s Domestic Animals

Recently, I returned from an 8-day vacation to Iceland.  Iceland was my college friend’s dream vacation.  We talked about visiting it for many years.  After 16 years and 8 trips, this year, we finally made it happen.  The entire trip...

Tortie cat celebrating her second birthday

Birthday Celebration: Quinn

My youngest cat and overall youngest pet in my zoo turned two years old on Aug 10.  She’s the last of my pet birthdays for the year. And I am so glad she’s out of the 1-2-year-old stage.  Kittens between...

Red Merle Australian Shepherd turns 2 years old.

Birthday Celebration: Lexi

My girl Lexi turned 2 years old on May 10.  Her Birthday Celebration, like so many of the others, was celebrated over a 2-day event.  Hers due mostly to the weather.     My Dog I always consider Lexi to...

Dilute tortie cat turns 9 years old.

Birthday Celebration: Nomay

Nomay was my first and only female cat for many years.  We affectionately called her our ‘baby girl’. But no matter if they were male or female or cat, or dog or human, Nomay was in charge of everyone and...

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