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Black and white cat celebrating birthday.

Birthday Celebration: Ham

My Hammy girl turned 6 years old on April 17.  She was one of my first bottle babies.   Seemingly sick for most of her existence, she seems older than she is.  She still looks like a kitten because she is...

9 year old tiger cat celebrates birthday

Birthday Celebration: Sam

Sam’s Birthday Celebration lasted two days.  The point of any Birthday Celebration is to spend individual time with your pet.  No pet knows which day they were born.  They just know that you spent time with them.  So we extended...

Blue Merle Australian Shepherd's birthday

Birthday Celebration: Elliot

Elliot turned 4 years old on April 6.  He had a rough Birthday Celebration. An extra dog was in the house this weekend.  Dog-sitting for a long weekend, Elliot was a little jealous of how Lexi and the other dog...

Russian Blue cat celebrating his birthday

Birthday Celebration: Alex

April 2 was my oldest cat’s birthday.  This year marks his 10th. My baby boy has been with me for almost a decade.  He is my alpha cat, my most difficult to please and the one that loves me the...

Orange tabby cat sitting at open window sniffing

How we lost our cat to Urinary Issues!

I want to express that losing our cat Gabe due to urinary issues is totally my fault.  I take full responsibility for it.  My lack of understanding of how veterinary medicine continues to evolve and change rapidly left me with...

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