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This website is intended to provide entertainment, tips, tricks, camaraderie, and education on pets, specifically cats & dogs.

Everyone has their opinion on what is the best way to care for their own pets.  My blog will provide my opinion and what has worked for me.  I will do my best to explain some other theories/practices that I have tried or heard of that have worked and have failed and the reasons or consequences of these theories.

My opinion is still only just that:  MY OPINION.  I will not get in a debate on the best way to do something.  I welcome differing viewpoints if they are presented in a courteous way.

I am not an expert, but I do have some experience that I can bestow upon you.  I guarantee that you all will increase my base of knowledge as well.

I reserve the right to delete, block or terminate any comments/users that I deem uncivil, unprofessional, or rude and obnoxious.

Please be courteous in your comments and respect everyone else’s opinion.

Last Updated 5/26/18.

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