This policy is valid from June 26, 2018

KiKi Talks Paws is to celebrate my pets and tell their quirky experiences. I may have helpful tips on things that have worked for me in the past, but that does not guarantee that these same tips fit your situation or your animal. Also, I will occasionally review a product that I have used for one of my pets. This is strictly my opinion, but it will be truthful.

I am the sole owner and writer of this blog. I write about my own personal experience with my animals and animals I have come in contact with. I am not a veterinarian, groomer, nutritionist or expert in animals or pets in any way. I will receive my Veterinarian Assistance Certificate this spring and will continue to take classes towards my Veterinarian Technician degree. This does not mean that I can provide medical advice to you or your pets. Only Veterinarians can diagnose and treat animals once they develop a veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR). This type of relationship cannot happen online.

I cannot be held responsible for any tips that I provide in my posts. I am only relaying what has worked for me.  Please make sure you understand the risks and consult a veterinarian if you question anything that you find on the internet.  Also, any claims, facts or details should be verified directly with the company or website involved, otherwise these should be considered as my opinions.

Remember – If your pet is sick, the best course of action is to take them to the Vet. Vets are the experts in this situation.  However, you need to be an advocate for your pet. Vets can help you along, but they don’t see your pet every day.  What works for one animal may not work for another.  Each animal is different and reacts differently to treatments and drugs.  Give your pet the best care and make sure that you observe as much as possible when something is going amiss.  Make sure that this information is heard by the Vet when you visit them to get the best possible outcome!

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