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Blue Merle Australian Shepherd's birthday

Birthday Celebration: Elliot

Elliot turned 4 years old on April 6.  He had a rough Birthday Celebration. An extra dog was in the house this weekend.  Dog-sitting for a long weekend, Elliot was a little jealous of how Lexi and the other dog...

Many traits of Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Traits: Do you want one?

Knowing the traits of a specific breed is beneficial for knowing what you are getting yourself into once you own the dog. I liked the looks of Australian Shepherds, in particular, the merle coloring, but it was just by luck...

Australian Shepherd puppy laying down on rug

Why we BOUGHT our Australian Shepherd puppy?

We bought our puppy!  I know everyone involved in rescue believes its taboo to buy a dog or puppy.  They insist that breeders are the reason that tons of dogs are euthanized daily.  However, some dog breeds just can’t be...

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