7 Ways to Celebrate your Pet’s Birthday

April in my household is birthday month.  Four of my seven pets have birthdays in April.  Also, many of my human family members are born in April.  Celebrations are endless.  It’s a relief when April is finally over.  Find out how you too can celebrate your pet’s birthday.

May brings two more pet birthdays.  Do you see a theme here?  Do you think we always add a new puppy or kitten in June/July?  Guilty!


Russian Blue cat being held while blowing out birthday cake candles

Plan for celebrations!

The way that I celebrate with my pets is by individualizing what they love in their life.  Some pets view food as their number one joy.  Others prefer to spend time with their #1 human or a special toy.  Check out my suggestions on how you too can celebrate with your pet.  AND then come BACK later next week and beyond to see exactly what we did for our furry babies’ birthdays.

#1)  Prepare a special meal.

If your pet (cat or dog) is very food-centric, prepare a special meal or provide them with an extra meal that they don’t normally receive.  Even if your cat or dog is on a special diet, one small meal over 365 days won’t hurt them detrimentally.  However, make it a small meal as their stomach may not be used to this non-special diet.

White kitten given extra meal for her birthday

#2)  Give a favorite treat at a special time

If you dog receives treats consistently like mine do, make sure you give them their favorite treat at an abnormal time of the day.  My pups receive treats in the evening as we watch TV. On their birthday, we give them small treats all throughout the day.  They might not know it’s their birthday, but they know they love that day.

My cats receive no treats during the year, as my big boy Alex is on a special diet.  Thus everyone is on the same special dry food diet.  My older cats love treats.  The three of them had many treats before the special diet became mandatory.  My younger girls never had treats because the special diet was in full swing by the time they came along.  Even if I try to give them treats, they just look at them and sometimes play hockey with them.

Red Merle Austalian Shepherd eating treat

#3)  Play a favorite game or go on a favorite walk.

Some dogs have a favorite toy they want to play with consistently or a favorite spot they love to walk.  Make this happen for your birthday boy or girl.  Elliot loves to playBlue Merle Australian Shepherd waiting to play frisbee frisbee and doesn’t get to play as much as he would like because his sister plays a keep away defense 24×7.

Cats may enjoy a new catnip mouse or metal springs that they can bat around.  I take stock in these little springs as they are usually missing within 30 minutes.  Once we move the refrigerator or stove, we gain a whole load of our stock back. Of course, they are best on hard floors.  The sound and sliding motion is what attracts most cats.


#4)  Take your cat outside on a leash.

Many cats enjoy the outside even if they are strictly indoor cats.  My cats jump at any chance to sit by an open window to sunbathe. Sam, in particular, is afraid of the outdoors, but still loves sitting by an open window.  I take many of my cats outside while on a harness and leash and allow them to sunbathe on the deck or sidewalk or explore the yard. I try to give them a long leash because as you might expect cats don’t like to be followed especially as they are exploring unknown territory.

Two cats enjoying sunshine by door


#5)  Provide your cat with an everyday item they loveTiger cat lounging in shoebox

Giving your cat an everyday disposable item may just be the highlight of their day, i.e. twist ties, cardboard boxes with paper inside.  Nomay loves twist ties and can play for hours if the dogs don’t interrupt her fun. Everyone loves a good box with the paper or packing material that came in the box.  Otherwise, the box is boring unless someone can attack you while hiding there. Even scrunched up paper can be your cat’s favorite toy. Cats don’t have a lot of high-end needs, but giving them time without interruption may be all they ask for.



#6)  Take your pet out for ice cream.

My dogs seem to love ice cream.  And some of my cats do too. We have a local ice cream shop that provides puppy dog ice cream for anyone that purchases other items.  Our dogs get a small dish of vanilla with a puppy dog biscuit in it. Some of my cats have been curious about ice cream, however, only Alex will truly enjoy it.  When Alex was little, I used to let him lick my bowls when I had ice cream at home. Mostly I only gave him vanilla or some variation. No chocolate of course as dogs and cats cannot handle chocolate.  He hasn’t tried this ice cream shop, but this might be the year to take him. He loved car rides when he was young.

Blue Merle Australian Shepherd eating ice cream from a cup

7)  Spend individual time with your pet

No matter if you choose one of the items above or personalize your own activity, spend time with your pet on their special day.  If your dog has a special person, whether it be you or your spouse or even a special ‘Aunt’ or ‘Uncle’, make sure that day is for them.

Red Merle Australian Shepherd relaxing on couch with dad

Take lots of pictures of your pet’s birthday

This bonus tip is totally for you, as the pet owner.  Your cat or dog could care less if you take pictures of them.  But you love your pet and want to show off what a good boy he was or how pretty she is. Make sure that you share your pictures with other dog or cat lovers.

How do YOU celebrate your Pet’s birthday?  I’ll be posting my zoo’s individual birthday extravaganza after each birthday.  Check back to see how we celebrated.

KiKi’s Zoo Birthdays

Alex – April 2

Elliot – April 6

Sam – April 9

Ham – April 17


Nomay – May 7

Lexi — May 10


Quinn – August 10


Blue Merle Australian Shepherd sitting for his birthday cupcake at the table




Russian Blue cat being held while blowing out birthday cake candles


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