Birthday Celebration: Sam

Sam’s Birthday Celebration lasted two days.  The point of any Birthday Celebration is to spend individual time with your pet.  No pet knows which day they were born.  They just know that you spent time with them.  So we extended Sam’s birthday because other things in life just got in the way.

9 year old tiger cat celebrates birthday

Sam’s Personality

Sam’s birthday was on Monday, April 9.  He turned 9 years old. He once was my bravest of kittens, always investigating.  Now he is my most scared of cats. Along with Alex, he has not gotten over his fear of the dogs.  Although Sam is braver than Alex when it comes to Lexi & Elliot, they both spend much of their time in our upstairs ‘cat room’.

Russian Blue & Tiger Cats relaxing on brown carpet



My PlanTiger Cat walking on brown carpet

My plan for Sam’s birthday was just to sit in ‘his room’ and play balls.  He loves plastic balls with bells. But this ‘cat room’ is carpeted and he prefers to bat them around on a hard surface.  Trying to make as much noise as possible, this usually brings the dogs to investigate the racket.


Balls & Laser Pointer

Sam had other ideas.  He barely looked at the balls.  He gave one ball a tap but otherwise was uninterested.  I next tried the laser pointer. It did take him a bit of time before he loosened up but this seemed to be a hit.  Alex joined in the fun because celebrations are better with friends!

Sam is a fat cat. Alex is too, but at least Alex has a large build.  Alex looks big even when he was skinny. Sam has a medium build but is extremely overweight.  I could see it while he played with the laser pointer. Mostly content to lounge all day, I haven’t seen him play in quite some time. He seemed slow but still willing.  A little bit of kitten showed in my 9-year-old man.


Sam cuddles

Monday afternoon my dog I was Dog-Sitting went home.  This left opportunity for Sam to visit our bed Monday night.  Occasionally over the last few months, He has been jumping on the bed at night for some petting and cuddling.  I find this amazing as normally both dogs are on the bed at the time.  He persists to sit with me for 5-10 minutes as I read or watch TV.  Parts of my baby Sammy still shine through occasionally. It makes me happy for him to visit any night. But it was great that he cuddled on his birthday.

Tiger Cat with blue collar and green tag

If you liked Sam’s birthday Celebration, see other ways to celebrate with your pets, or Alex’s celebration or Elliot’s celebration.


9 year old tiger cat celebrating his birthday

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